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Services and Pricing              

This site was designed by Core Productions 2015.  All rights reserved.


“ Website design starts at $400,

and page development is $50 - $75 each. ”

Any spelling errors, broken links or unaligned text, images or videos on a web page will be fixed at NO            COST if the following three (3) conditions are met:

  1. The content differs from what the client has supplied

  1. The client has requested that certain pages (files) be renamed or moved, thereby causing breaks with links to the originally named files

  1. The client allows us up to 72 hours to correct the issue(s), after that, all changes are billable to the client.

“ Promotional Material $25 an hour, Min. 1 hour”

Development Policy

I reserve the right to decline any project believed to promote racism, pornography, or any other content objectionable in nature. I reserve the right to include the following phrase, or one very similar to, on all Web sites we develop: “Website designed by Core Productions”. This phrase will only be placed at the bottom of the page and will in no way effect the look or style of any page or site. We further reserve the right to include any Web site created and developed by us in our portfolio.

Return/Refund Policy

If the customer is not satisfied with the website design process and chooses to terminate their contract, I will refund any portion of the original deposit that has not already been utilized for costs related to the specific website design process (labour, hosting, commissions, etc).

  1. The Pay as You Go Plan: Call us when you need to add to or make a change to your content. I will complete your request within 48 hours, and bill you at our standard hourly rate. Urgent requests can generally be completed within a few hours for an additional charge.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance Plan: Sign up for an ongoing maintenance plans, and you'll receive a discount.

  1. Content Management: We can discuss your Content Management needs to make all the changes you want. Perfect if your site requires frequent updates. This can include managing your social media.