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Bird language is a doorway to a deeper awareness; the language of nature brings us into a larger conversation with the landscape.

Recorded live in Botswana in March 2013, Jon Young, author of What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World, interviews expert African Safari Guides Brian Gibson and Alwyn Myburgh, along with award-winning film maker Craig Foster (producer of films including of The Great Dance and The Animal Communicator).

The interviews include stories from the recent 2013 Origins Project expedition, and demonstrates how bird language can open our lives to more connection and adventure. Brian and Alwyn share how bird language and tracking skills can be applied in the field to locate wildlife, and their stories point towards how we can all develop a deeper knowledge of place and connection with the natural world.

Craig Foster shares insights learned from his research into healing states of consciousness, including reflections from his experiences with the healing dances in various Bushmen traditional communities. Craig also explores observations about human nature, insights into modern life from the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and sources of well-being demonstrated through our ancient connections with the natural world.

Note: This audio program was recorded live in the field; you will hear a backdrop of night sounds from the Khwai River in Botswana, including the chorus calls of painted reed frogs and the crackle of the fire, along with occasional volume changes as the microphone was passed around the fire.

Author - Jon Young

Kalahari Bird Language Interviews w/ Jon Young

Kalahari Bird Language Interviews w/ Jon Young