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Technology is changing the world and opening up so many new opportunities for growth and personal advancement. It’s time to take off the shackles of old worn out paradigms that so many of us never fit into. Now more than ever, conscious co-creators are needed to bring their gifts to humanity and put our energies into creative projects that will help the world become a better place

If you’re reading this, YOU may be being called to bring your gifts to more people than was ever previously possible.

Two available options:

Option 1: Create a Mentoring Course with us! ( No initial charge)

Option 2: Hire us to help you create and launch a course for your own website.

Option 1: There’s no initial charge for this option! We can help you create a course to run on C.A.M.P. This will be a profit sharing model for an agreed amount of time. If you choose, when the contract is up, you can take your course and run it on your own website – or we can renew the contract and keep it running with us. Either way, EVERYONE WINS!

Our goal with this option is that these courses must be “conscious” or, as we like to call “Earth Conscious.” For example, your course would help in one or more of these areas; people learn and connect to nature, raise awareness or consciousness, empower individuals uncover and share their personal gifts, reconnect to culture, connect people to their inborn creativity, or help people learn to heal themselves or others through a natural or spiritual healing modality.

Some examples may be, but not limited to:

Permaculture, Energy Healing, Meditation, Tracking/Wild Foraging/ Nature Connection, Natural Healing Remedies, Art/Poetry/ Music, Ritual or Ceremony, Spiritual Counselling, it may even be Astrology or Palm reading.

If you’re a Knowledge Holder, inspirational speaker, Teacher, or Elder, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to bring your message to the world.

We’re committed to bringing quality courses to our clients. Send us an email detailing your ideas and your experience in that particular field. You don’t have to have everything already thought out. We always support leaving room for creativity. ;)

Course Creation Service

Rebuilding a Regenerative Earth Together

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