Manido Ish-Ko-Day (Sacred Fire) If you are chosen to be a Firekeeper, it is necessary that you be aware of your role and duties. From the teachings I have been given, I offer the following guidance.

The most obvious duty, of course, is to simply keep the Sacred Fire burning. This is your ultimate purpose.

You should also be aware that a huge bonfire is not necessary. Using up vast quantities of firewood is not in keeping with the old traditions of limiting your impact on the land around you. A small tidy fire, carefully tended, is generally more respectful and appropriate than a gigantic blaze. Be painstaking in tending the Fire, as that is part of putting your good energy into the ceremony that you are supporting.

Special thanks to Deb and Patti for sharing your information and gifts with us and for helping tend the Sacred Fire during the weekend.  Also thank you to all who helped with the fire keeping during the weekend.  

Photo’s By Conni Ma'iingan

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Fire Keeper Workshop - June 12, 2013 at Camp Bryerswood