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Plastic tub. Get the largest-size container of yogurt, sour cream, or margarine. When done with the tub, rinse and reuse it as a travel dish for pets or for craft-supply storage.

Tip #1

Going Green Tips

Plants that Clean the Air in your home.  In a 2,000 square foot house, bring in 15 to 20 plants in 6-inch pots or larger. Rather than scattering single plants, create group displays in each room for a great look and maximum air quality.

Click Links for list of common plants that clean the air in your house.

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Tip #2

Stop throwing away your dryer lint!  Put it in the backyard for the birds — they use it to feather their nests.

Tip #3

C.A.M.P. Is committed to making the changes to living a greener life.  

If you have a creative idea, share with us and we will post  it.