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We offer earth-conscious event planning services as well as C.A.M.P. sponsored events and projects. Our team specializes in Earth based, Traditional/ holistic healing, and culturally regenerative projects such as; events, workshops, retreats and various learning opportunities.


Our mission is to be a part of the movement toward a more environmentally and community conscious culture through offering earth-conscious event planning and projects.


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2016 goals and events

Kamana Program to become certified. However, it is not necessary to do that to be a part of this group and work through the lessons together.

We'll be working step by step through Kati's materials. (we can each take notes and create diagrams but in respect for the copyrights of the program photocopies will not be given)

Meetings: We can create in person bi-weekly meetings at Ojibway Nature Center.(best suggestion, we work with times and place that works for everyone who initially joins the group)

Group Calls: We can also create bi- weekly group call-in workshops if that works for everyone and is helpful.

To begin, we will be working with levels 1 and 2. Who knows where it will go in the future.

For more information about the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, please visit http://wildernessawareness.org/kamana/

If you have further questions, please contact the organizer at the info below.

Kati Albert

Event Planner, Co-Founder at C.A.M.P.




Have you always wanted to know more about the natural world around you? Or do you already have a solid knowledge foundation but would like to connect with other like-minded folks in our area? You're in the right place! And it's going to be fun!

We're creating a FREE club to build community around a very special nature awareness mentoring program - the Kamana Naturalist Training Program by: Master Naturalist and Mentor, Jon Young.

Kamana is a 4 level program designed for both the novice and the seasoned naturalist a like. The program covers, wild edible/medicinal identification, animal tracking, holistic mapping, traditional herbalism, wilderness survival and so much more. The program is created in a way that the learner is having fun connecting with the natural world in a seemless and timeless way. This is not school!! THIS IS UN-SCHOOL!

We have permission to use this program as a guide for our group. It is the choice of each individual if they would like to purchase The

Calling local nature geeks!! FREE Naturalist Club of Windsor-Essex County Ontario.

Sponsored by C.A.M.P Community Action Mentoring Projects

Kamana Naturalist Club of Windsor-Essex by C.A.M.P.

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