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Hon.Ted McMeekin

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

17th Floor, 777 Bay Street  

Toronto, ON, M5G 2E5

MPP Office

299 Dundas Street East  


L0R 2H0


Hon. Ted McMeekin:

Re: Ontario Municipal Board Case No. PL080049 and PL080050 “Ojibway Park”

In light of the Ontario Municipal Board’s upcoming hearing (August 24th, 2015) regarding the proposed big box development adjacent to Ojibway Park, I ask that you use your position as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to intervene following a description of your power to do so in the Planning Act.  I quote below directly from subsection 34(27) of the Planning Act, RSO 1990, c P 13. This is the current version of the statute in force (my emphasis added):  

Matters of provincial interest

(27) Where an appeal is made to the Municipal Board under subsection (11) or (19), the Minister, if he or she is of the opinion that a matter of provincial interest is, or is likely to be, adversely affected by the by-law, may so advise the Board in writing not later than 30 days before the day fixed by the Board for the hearing of the appeal and the Minister shall identify,

(a) the part or parts of the by-law by which the provincial interest is, or is likely to be, adversely affected; and

(b) the general basis for the opinion that a matter of provincial interest is, or is likely to be, adversely affected.  2004, c. 18, s. 6 (3).

No hearing or notice required

(28) The Minister is not required to give notice or to hold a hearing before taking any action under subsection (27).  2004, c. 18, s. 6 (3).

Ojibway Park, and the whole Prairie Complex of which it is a part, stands as a beacon of ecological hope for the region of Windsor-Essex.  It is a natural haven for many who seek a direct connection to nature and also a wonderful learning and preservation tool for students of all stripes looking to more fully engage with the delicate workings of the Carolinian Forest ecosystem.

The Ojibway Wetland Complex which includes both Ojibway Park and the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve (OPPNR) are not the typical Ontario urban park. It is a natural jungle in the middle of one of Canada’s most industrial urban centres.   These Parks: 1) host the globally imperilled tallgrass prairie ecosystem, 2) designated as Natural Heritage, Environmentally Significant Areas, and in the case of the OPPNR, a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) and an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), 3) protect biodiversity by hosting: 6 endangered and 11 threatened species in Ontario,  4) supports 160 species at risk, 20% and 32% for Ontario and Canada respectively, and 5) over 4 000 species live here.  

The potential development could send Ontario’s natural heritage beyond the tipping point as it is already so isolated and host to so many menaced species. The rare and endangered species and parklands of Ontario belong to all of Ontario and they should not be threatened by a short-sighted decision of City Council in the City of Windsor. I submit that this is an occasion where it would be in your Ministry’s position to take a role in this appeal. Pursuant to the Planning Act, where there is a provincial interest at stake in the bylaw on appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board and where there may be adverse effects, you are able to take a role and make a statement to the Municipal Board. I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Because the time limit for intervening is fast approaching, I would ask that you consider my request as soon as possible. If it is your Government’s policy not to intervene, then I would appreciate you stating so. Likewise, if you determine that you are not of the opinion that there is a provincial interest affected by this case, then I would appreciate a clear answer stating so.  

Yours respectfully,

Min. Ted McMeekin    minister.mah@ontario.ca

Premier Wynne         premier@ontario.ca

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